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In this section, you can access to the latest technical information related with the viability of Polylactic Acid (PLA) synthesis from waste products of bakery industry and their use in the fabrication of a 100% biodegradable film to be used in the packaging of bakery products. BREAD4PLA partners will receive a monthly bulletin referencing the most interesting articles, news, patents, etc…

Webinar: Bioplastic Tour: Latest Developments & Trends (9th Edition)

» Event Type: Curso

» Place: online

» Start Date: 30/10/2014

» End Date: 30/10/2014

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Why you should attend

Save time with a synthetic & neutral overview of latest developments for more sustainable and higher performance bioplastics (PLA, PHA, algae-based, bio-PET...)
Speed up your future R&D decisions with a clearer view on material requirements, technology adoption and unmet needs
Get fresh ideas by seeing how the bioplastics market is evolving: alternative feedstock, pro-degradant additives, castor-oil based fuel line, biocomposites, eco-friendly E/E parts...

Who is it for?

R&D professionals, sales & marketing people, executive managers and all those needing to keep up on bioplastic innovations - from raw material producers to designers.

The following sections will be covered during this session:

1. The Bioplastics Landscape

  • The Global Bioplastics Market 

  • Growth Drivers and Challenges 

  • Bioplastics Technology Trends

2. Bioplastics Feedstock Solutions

  • Bio-based Conventional Plastic Building Blocks 

  • Bio-based Non-Conventional Plastic Building Blocks 

  • Bio-based Fibers 

  • Bioplastic Additives

3. Plastic Material Advances

  • High Barrier Coatings and Films 

  • Blends and Alloys and Compounds 

  • Bioplastics Nonwovens

4. Bioplastics Application Development

  • Bio-based Packaging Advances (Film/Sheet, Bottles) 

  • Other Bio-based Disposables (Compostable, Single Use) 

  • Bio-based Durable Products in Automotive (Interior, Other) 

  • Other Durable End Uses (i.e. Consumer Products, Industrial)

5. The Future of Bioplastics

6. Major Bioplastics Players & Related References

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Thu. October 30, 2014
11 a.m.Eastern Time, USA
3 p.m.London Time

Regular: € 290
Group & Multi-location: € 580

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