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In this section, you can access to the latest technical information related with the viability of Polylactic Acid (PLA) synthesis from waste products of bakery industry and their use in the fabrication of a 100% biodegradable film to be used in the packaging of bakery products. BREAD4PLA partners will receive a monthly bulletin referencing the most interesting articles, news, patents, etc…

Foams 2015 and Tutorial

» Start Date: 08/09/2015

» End Date: 11/09/2015

» More Information


Sept. 8-9: Tutorial
Sept.10-11: Conference

Co-sponsored by the SPE Japan Section, the SPE Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Division and rolex replica the Japan Society of Polymer Processing.



Important Dates

Abstract Submission: April 30th 2015

Acceptance Notification: May 30th 2015

First version of the paper Submission: June 30th 2015

FOAMS® 2015 conference is planned in Kyoto, Japan, to address the advances in synthesis, characterization and properties of polymer foams by leading foam researchers in industry and academia.

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Topics Polymer Foam Sustainability (bio-based or biodegradable materials) Foaming Technologies (extrusion, steam chest molding, injection molding) New Materials, New Properties (blowing agents, new advanced foams, nanocellular foams) New Products and Application (packaging, automotive, aerospace, building/construction, medical, or consumer products)

Contact: Prof. Masahiro Ohshima, Kyoto University




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