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Complex equipment for rapid biodegradation and biopolymer (vegetable products) packaging testing

» Type: Demand

» Reference: 09 RO 78EG 3DZ3

» Country: Rumania

» More Information

A Romanian research institute is looking for producers of equipments used for the rapid biodegradation of the packagings made of biopolymers (vegetable products). The equipment should be able to reduce the biodegradation time from 6 months (usual) to maximum one week, to work at relative high temperatures and humidity and to test the biodegradability either through CO2 analysis or by measuring the O2 content. The equipment should already be on the market. A commercial agreement is sought. Nowadays, most of the materials declared as being biodegradable and manufactured from starch-added conventional polimers accomplish only the fragmentation stage, the degradation process being a partial one.
The biopolimer biodegradation implies the CO2 content evaluation and the measurement of O2 contained in the biodegradable packagings. According to the EN 13432:2002, the biodegradability control by lab trials, using a CO2 installation, supposes a very long period of time for degradation (aprox. 6 months); on the other hand, the use of a closed respirometer for measuring O2 is not available, the above mentioned apparatus being accessible only at standard level.
The Romanian research institute has developed several trials for reducing the biodegradability time and wishes to find a producer or distributor of a complex equipment, which can substantially reduce the biodegradation time and , on the other hand, also test the biodegradability state of the biopolimer packagings.

The biodegradability should be tested either through CO2 analysis or by measuring the O2 content
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