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Technology for modification of polylactide for producing biodegradable materials with a controlled destruction rate

» Type: Offer

» Reference: TORU20140625002

» Country: Rusia

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A Russian research-and-production company from Kaluga region developed a technology for modification of polylactide for producing biodegradable materials with a controlled destruction rate. These materials are biocompatible and can be used in medicine (surgical suture materials, implants, etc.) and in packaging. The authors look for partners for research and technical cooperation. Biocompatible and biodegradable materials are widely used in the modern medicine as implants, suture materials, in the reconstructive surgery and regenerative medicine for restoring defects of bone and cartilaginous tissues. The practice of application of polymer biocompatible materials allows obtaining the items of less weight, better contact with the body tissues, reduce the risk of implant rejection and avoid surgical reintervention for implant extraction.
Also, biodegradable materials are applied in packaging, in order to solve the problem of polymer wastes.
Polylactide, or polylactic acid, is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources. It can biodegrade under certain conditions, such as the presence of oxygen. Mechanical properties of polylactide allow using it in medical implants and drug delivery systems. But the hydrophobic nature of polylactide hampers its biodegradation in mainly hydrophilic biological media. Therefore, a topical task is to create a polylactide-based material with a controlled degradation rate.
A Russian research-and-production company, in a partnership with a Russian R&D institute from Obninsk, Kaluga region, developed a laboratory technology for producing biodegradable materials on the basis of polylactide with a controlled destruction rate. The offered technology for polylactide modification ensures hydrophilisation of its surface. Depending on the application field, the depth of polylactide modification can be varied, thus controlling the period of degradation of the obtained material.
The company seeks partnership for research and technical cooperation, in order to develop and implement novel medical products and/or packaging materials on the basis of the offered technology.   Patents/Rights: Secret know-how Type of Organisation: Get in contact with this organisation

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