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Integrated system for waste material and energy recovery from non-recyclable fractions

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An Italian company specialized in services related to waste treatment has developed an innovative patented integrated system of plants for the final treatment of waste that allows to recycle all fractions as paper, plastic, organic, glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and the energy recovery from recycling activities. The company is looking for licensing, cooperation or commercial agreements with technical assistance. An Italian company operating in the field of waste treatment services has developed an integrated system of plants and devices for the final treatment of municipal solid waste and other waste. This system, using different technologies, allows to recycle all waste fractions collected by the differentiated refuse disposal and to recover energy from those fractions whose recycle is technically or economically unprofitable.
The integrated system consists of different plants for the collection and recycling of raw materials and a gasification plant for energy production. It includes several production cycles and covers a variable sized industrial area, depending on the country where it is located.

The system receives Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) as it is collected in the different Municipalities.
The waste is collected in the following fractions: Organic/Biodegradable; Glass; Paper; Plastic; Metals; Other refuses of total undifferentiated waste. The plant can also operate with the collection of only organic and non-recyclable waste.

The system has the use of areas for pre-stoking and post processing temporary storage, different for material and/or waste type. Once the waste arrives in the storage areas, it is placed in its own processing lines and then the following processes start:
- plastic recycling line: production of Polyethylene Terephthalate Bottle (PET) and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) flakes;
- metal recycling line: separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and packaging press;
- paper recycling line: production of pressed paper bales;
- glass recycling line: production of glass powders;
- compost line: production of compost and manure in few hours using a particular patented material that enables to carry out the process quickly, to make the product inert and not to emit bad smells;
- non recyclable waste management line: production of a mix of undifferentiated waste and biomasses for the hydrogen gasification process;
- renewable sources fuel production line: production of homogenous fuel from the above-mentioned mix of waste and biomasses, suitable for feeding the hydrogen process production;
- power production line: production of hydrogen from the homogenous mix of biomasses and recycle waste, and use of this gas in an internal combustion engine (ICE) to produce power.

The several processing lines are interconnected by such efficient conveyor systems to allow the management of the different waste recycling activities and to make the system integrated and considered as a single process.

The integrated plant is sized for the treatment of 100.000 tons of MSW per year. Considering that an individual produces about 500 Kg/y of MSW, that corresponds to a catchment area of 200.000 people. However, the system production capacity is modular and could be increased according to one's needs.

The plant is made for a standard working of 7.960 hours per year (on average about 22 hours per day), also considering the standstills for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.   Patents/Rights: Patents granted Type of Organisation: Get in contact with this organisation

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