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Urgent - Sustainable packaging for food delivery

» Type: Demand

» Reference: 2015/TRBE20150225001

» Country: Bélgica

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Fecha límite: 31/05/2015

A Brussels-based (Belgian) start-up operating in the catering services looks for a sustainable packaging solution which takes into account the environmental impact throughout its whole lifecycle. The start-up is open to different technical solutions developed with plant-based materials, paper, paperboard, etc. Aluminum and PVC are not accepted. The company looks for technical cooperation or commercial agreement with technical assistance with producers or suppliers of food sustainable packaging

Descripción completa

Two young entrepreneurs are about to launch in Brussels, Belgium (planned March 2015) a new concept of sustainable catering (restaurant service).

This is intended to be a take-away counter / shop of daily specials made of qualitative products compliant with the slow food concept and the short food supply chain, then in line with bio, local, ethics, greedy approaches to food. Special attention will be paid to product’s origin, the production condition and processing method.

The objective of this Brussels-based start-up is to provide their clients with a qualitative, varied, tastefull, fast, easy and affordable meal for dinner made of good and fair food. A way to fight against the homogenisation of taste in food industry and its distribution chains, against meals made of ingredients with pesticides, chemical fertilisers and genetically modified organism (GMO).

The whole customer experience has to be aligned with this philosophy and its overall concept behind the sustainable project, including the food packaging chosen for food sales. This latter must be environmental-friendly throughout its entire life cycle.

The company is urgently looking for a packaging solution which must be available before the kick-off of the shop.

Socio buscado:

- Type of partner sought: The start-up is looking then for a sales packaging designed and manufactured in a sustainable way, whose impact on the environment has to be close to zero even at the end of its life since the packaging should be biodegradable.

The start-up has no specific preference as for the technical solution, meaning that potential chosen packaging material can come from different sources, provided that the environmental criteria are applied to it. The start-up is then open to technical solutions made of plant-based materials, paper or paperboard, starch. Aluminum and PVC are totally excluded.

Of course, simple and natural materials or recycled materials will be preferred. The packaging materials must be at least recyclable, offer safe and stable packaging that guarantees safety and food quality along the entire product self-life and compliant with the following technical requirements:

• Suitable to food contact
• Compliant with oven use (at least for 15 minutes at 180° (Celsius degrees)
• Compliant with microwave use
• Size : 18 cm x 12 cm x 5 cm
• Affordable Price : max € 0.5 / piece

Transport distance between the potential supplier and the Brussels-based company will also plays an important role in the selection criteria
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type of partner sought: Industry (Small or large industry)
Specific area of activity of the partner: producers or suppliers of food sustainable packaging
Task to be performed by the partner sought: provide the Belgian start-up with a turn-key sustainable packaging solution

Development Stage:

Already on the market - The proposed packaging solution must already be fully developed and available on the market, no further development can be accepted

Clasificado como: Alimentación y bebidas Medio Ambiente

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