Who are we?

BREAD4PLA’s Consortium was selected under a transnational approach, necessary to the success of the demonstration & future implementation of the waste bread valorisation process.

BREAD4PLA gathers 4 specialized partners in the different sectors involved in the development of the new packages from waste of the bakery industry, covering the whole chain. The project is coordinated by AIMPLAS in Spain. With a diverse team, composed of agronomist engineers, production chemists, experts in biotechnology, biorefinery and scaling-up bioprocesses, different skills bundle together to backbone the success of BREAD4PLA.

The combined efforts of these partners will ensure that the results meet the EU environmental objectives established in the project and that the dissemination & exploitation will be maximised across Europe.

Furthermore, the project has the support of different stakeholders (such as Panrico Grupo Siro, DKI, Fraunhofer, etc), from the supply of different bakery waste for lactic acid production to the supply of bakery products for the new packaging validation. If your organization is interested in collaborating in this LIFE + project as external advisor or stakeholder, please do not hesitate to contact us. Any support in this field is welcome.

  • ATB’s lactic acid fermentation group

    Has long-term experiences with several feedstocks and bacterial strains. The biotechnological process for the production of high quality lactic acid developed at the ATB, combined with partners from industry and research, will be used under action 2. Tests on substrate preparation, microbial transformation, physical-chemical tests on substance separation as well as the technological optimization of fermentation and down-stream processing steps will be carried out in ATB as well.

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  • University of Bangor

    Has been at the forefront of research, development and the commercial application of bio-based alternatives to synthetic materials in manufacturing and industry. The BC offer is a broad one, encompassing products and services for a wide range of industries at every stage of the evaluation, research, product development, product trial and manufacturing processes.

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    Has a broad expertise in physical modification of biopolymers using several types of additives and their processing in conventional extrusion equipment. The institute has the latest technologies for testing, analysis, calibration and processes. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to find integrated and comprehensive solutions for the plastic processing sector.

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    Our R & D department focuses its research primarily on the performance and functionality of raw materials and variability of parameters in the production process and in developing new products and their improvement through sensory tests. Supported at all times in our research on technology provided by our lab equipment and machinery of our pilot plant, we focus all our research potential to the interests and concerns of companies in the sector of cereals and cereal processing.

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